Comic-Con 2013: On The Deck Of The Jackdaw – Black Flags In The Sunset

Comic-Con 2013: On the Deck of the Jackdaw – Black Flags in the Sunset

ComicCon-logoOne of the highlights of this year’s Comic-Con adventure was, without a doubt, getting to wander the decks of the Jackdaw after the sun set on San Diego. To help promote the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Ubisoft converted the Star of India (the world’s oldest active sailing ship) into a replica of the Jackdaw for a weekend of pirate themed debauchery.

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Comic-Con 2013: Ten Tips For Survival And Mastery

Comic-Con 2013: Ten Tips for Survival and Mastery

This will be my 11th San Diego Comic-Con, and while I don’t claim to be great at too many things, I’ve become pretty great at Comic-Con. This year I’ll be including even more tips for Comic-Con survival and mastery. San Diego Comic-Con can be an incredibly fun, and slightly overwhelming experience, and everyone deserves to have the best time humanly possible.

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Rated NA 112: What’s In The Box?

Rated NA 112: What’s in the box?

It’s holiday in July as the gang gets back together to open mystery packages. We look forward to SDCC, talk about some personnel changes in the gaming industry, and the newest addition to Google StreetView. We take a look at White House Down, Best Friends Forever, Leviathan Wakes, and Copperhead. Finally, we talk with you about the strangest package you’ve ever opened in our NAQOTW. Ravenclaw!

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Comic-Con 2012: The Most Dangerous Women At Comic-Con – Panel Coverage

Comic-Con 2012: The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con – Panel Coverage

Katrina Hill’s “The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con” panel was sort of like one of those awesome Marvel Team Up comics you probably read when you were a wee kid. If for some reason you were deprived of said comic, Marvel Team Up would take a few heroes from different books and send them on a mission they could only accomplish by working together. While no crime fighting actually occurred during the panel, it did manage to showcase some of the most creative, fun, and entertaining women in their respective industries.

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