Rated NA 112: What’s in the box?


It’s holiday in July as the gang gets back together to open mystery packages. We look forward to SDCC, talk about some personnel changes in the gaming industry, and the newest addition to Google StreetView. We take a look at White House Down, Best Friends Forever, Leviathan Wakes, and Copperhead. Finally, we talk with you about the strangest package you’ve ever opened in our NAQOTW. Ravenclaw! (Recorded July 6, 2013)

[Update]Leviathan Wakes – Dragon’s Path only comes with the ebook of LW. Not the paperback.

Rated NA 112


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast. I like good and bad sci-fi films/tv, synthesizers, and the retrofuture. I am primarily an Xbox gamer, but also do some PC and Switch gaming as well. By day, I am a research scientist, mostly in topics related to human-computer interaction and user experience. Before all of this, fellow NA co-founder Matt and I played music together in various bands. I also used to make "comedy" videos for my high school morning news program before there was a place to post them online. Favorite Star Wars character? Admiral Ackbar. Best Bond era? Timothy Dalton (Craig a close second). Top 3 games? Let's go with System Shock 2, A Link to the Past, and Super Castlevania IV. Thanks for being a part of this labor of nerdy love with us.

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  1. Fluidfyre

    If you take all your conversations about lizards, and just assume they’re dick jokes… Lizards all over Florida. You open your door, and there are just hundreds everywhere. If lizards sound weird to you, etc. etc…

    1. Ash

      haha — I ALMOST told a story about how we used to let lizards hang from our earlobes as kids. If you mix your interpretation of lizards with my story a porno is born.

  2. Nate Hales

    I love that Scott always gives people the benefit of the doubt. Ellen Paige completely believes she owns the non-descript brown haired short girl look.

    1. Ash

      Ellie DOES look like Ellen Page. I don’t care what anyone says.

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