Rated NA 116: Immortal Burrito

Rated NA 116: Immortal burrito

The gang gets caught up on their summer media piles. Ash plays Dragon’s Crown and catches up on HIMYM. Matt finishes Ready Player One and sees GI Joe: Retaliation. Scott closes in on a complete Mass trilogy achievement set and complains about save game integrity. Hilary works a lot and shows up late. Elysium is also discussed. Finally, Ash gets more than he bargains for with our NAQOTW about immortality. All roads lead to Seattle for PAX Prime!

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Rated NA 112: What’s In The Box?

Rated NA 112: What’s in the box?

It’s holiday in July as the gang gets back together to open mystery packages. We look forward to SDCC, talk about some personnel changes in the gaming industry, and the newest addition to Google StreetView. We take a look at White House Down, Best Friends Forever, Leviathan Wakes, and Copperhead. Finally, we talk with you about the strangest package you’ve ever opened in our NAQOTW. Ravenclaw!

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Rated NA 82: Omega Explosion!! With Mike Gamble

Rated NA 82: Omega Explosion!! with Mike Gamble

From the icy wastes of Canada Rated NA 82 is joined by special guest Mike Gamble of Bioware to talk production, Mass Effect, and the brand spanking new Omega DLC.  We also discuss our Thanksgiving holidays and this year’s door buster madness!   Oh yeah, we do quick reviews of Halo 4, ACIII (ship combat), The Walking Dead: Episode Five, Borderlands 2 DLC, and our buddy Steve’s new film Lincoln!  This episode is filled with more idiocy and explosions than ever before!! EXPLOSIONS!1!!

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