Rated NA 116: Immortal burrito


The gang gets caught up on their summer media piles. Ash plays Dragon’s Crown and catches up on HIMYM. Matt finishes Ready Player One and sees GI Joe: Retaliation. Scott closes in on a complete Mass trilogy achievement set and complains about save game integrity. Hilary works a lot and shows up late. Elysium is also discussed. Finally, Ash gets more than he bargains for with our NAQOTW about immortality. All roads lead to Seattle for PAX Prime!

Rated NA 116


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Scott

    Important to note, I acknowledge that clearly that is an enchilada in the photo, but you get the idea.

  2. Fluidfyre

    Hey can we get a post listing all the panels etc. that you and yours are going to be in during PAX? So we can have a quick easy reference of where to go and cheer inappropriately?

  3. Carlo

    Pick-up Sticks! Ahhh, those were simpler times..

    1. Ash

      I think I played with JAX once as a kid and was like “what the fuck is this all about?”

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