Rated NA 183: Bests Of 2014

Rated NA 183: Bests of 2014

Ash, Scott, and Matt sit down and reflect on all the best stuff that happened in 2014 from their favorite games and films to some surprise tear jerking moments and greatest disappointments. 2014 has been an incredible year for Rated NA and this episode serves as a love letter of sorts to our community, guests, family, and friends. Thanks so much!

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Rated NA 120: We Are Nerd Appropriate

Rated NA 120: We are Nerd Appropriate

Welcome to listeners, both new and loyal. The gang gets back together after a busy PAX Prime to talk Dragon Age Inquisition, new movies set in the Potter universe, Legend of Dungeon, and Europa Report. We play a couple of games based around Fall TV and fantasy football. We also talk about the news you are most excite for in DAI in our NAQOTW. Nug love!

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PAX Prime 2013: Holding The Banner High – Hands On The Banner Saga

PAX Prime 2013: Holding the Banner High – Hands on the Banner Saga

Stoic recently completed their $100,000 Kickstarter campaign for the Banner Saga and ended up surpassing their goal by a whopping $623,000. Apparently people like their turn based strategy. As a backer I felt entitled to check the game out inside the colossal Indie Mega Booth at this year’s PAX: Prime. Is this a banner worth flying?

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Rated NA 116: Immortal Burrito

Rated NA 116: Immortal burrito

The gang gets caught up on their summer media piles. Ash plays Dragon’s Crown and catches up on HIMYM. Matt finishes Ready Player One and sees GI Joe: Retaliation. Scott closes in on a complete Mass trilogy achievement set and complains about save game integrity. Hilary works a lot and shows up late. Elysium is also discussed. Finally, Ash gets more than he bargains for with our NAQOTW about immortality. All roads lead to Seattle for PAX Prime!

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