Rated NA 89: An unexpected podcast

Miellyn Barrows makes an unexpected appearance on the podcast as Matt’s internet implodes. We talk about Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 DLC, the Dead Space 3 demo, and what Epcot was like in the late ’80s… just go with it. You let us know what fictional character deserves their own real-life monument. The road to PAX East starts now!

Rated NA 89


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast. I like good and bad sci-fi films/tv, synthesizers, and the retrofuture. I am primarily an Xbox gamer, but also do some PC and Switch gaming as well. By day, I am a research scientist, mostly in topics related to human-computer interaction and user experience. Before all of this, fellow NA co-founder Matt and I played music together in various bands. I also used to make "comedy" videos for my high school morning news program before there was a place to post them online. Favorite Star Wars character? Admiral Ackbar. Best Bond era? Timothy Dalton (Craig a close second). Top 3 games? Let's go with System Shock 2, A Link to the Past, and Super Castlevania IV. Thanks for being a part of this labor of nerdy love with us.

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  1. Fluidfyre

    I’ve only been to Disney World once, when I was in grade 3, and we went to epcot, and I remember the green screen adventure! I did it with my grandpa, and it is one of the few memories I still remember hahah. PS. your singing Ash, had to hide my ugly laughter from co-workers.

    I have this problem that I want to end up writing really long answers like I’m talking along with you guys when I’m listening to the podcast. But then I think, it’ll just seem out of context and be confusing?

    1. Ash

      Amanda, I’m glad you liked my “imagination” song. I must have gone on that ride a million times as a kid. As for the green screen, i’m elated you remember it because nobody ever does!

  2. Carlo

    Not sure how Bill & Ted didn’t even cross my mind..Most triumphant!

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