Rated NA 112: What’s In The Box?

Rated NA 112: What’s in the box?

It’s holiday in July as the gang gets back together to open mystery packages. We look forward to SDCC, talk about some personnel changes in the gaming industry, and the newest addition to Google StreetView. We take a look at White House Down, Best Friends Forever, Leviathan Wakes, and Copperhead. Finally, we talk with you about the strangest package you’ve ever opened in our NAQOTW. Ravenclaw!

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Watch Dogs: The E3 Game Of Show – Hack The Planet!

Watch Dogs: The E3 Game of Show – Hack the Planet!

How did Watch Dogs steal the show? Easy, it was actually a well kept secret! In development at Ubisoft for over two years, Watch Dogs was a huge surprise for even the most seasoned video game vets.  What we do know is that Watch Dogs will be an open world adventure set in Chicago U.S.A. , go anywhere, do anything, and eat as much deep dish pizza as you’d like!  Like our good friends Zero Cool and Crash Override, the main protagonist Aiden Pierce can control almost anything that’s wired into the grid….

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