Rated NA 112: What’s In The Box?

Rated NA 112: What’s in the box?

It’s holiday in July as the gang gets back together to open mystery packages. We look forward to SDCC, talk about some personnel changes in the gaming industry, and the newest addition to Google StreetView. We take a look at White House Down, Best Friends Forever, Leviathan Wakes, and Copperhead. Finally, we talk with you about the strangest package you’ve ever opened in our NAQOTW. Ravenclaw!

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Rated NA 96: An Even More Awkward Position

Rated NA 96: An even more awkward position

Clayton Donnan from Code Cyclone joins us to talk about their new game, Killing Social. We continue our countdown to PAX East with with a pit stop at a Gears of War Judgement preview event. Plus, reviews of SimCity, Tomb Raider, Oz The Great and Powerful and a spoiler-free omni-scan of Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC. Finally, we discuss our SimCity-inspired fictional metropolis names with you in our NAQOTW. Katana Strike!

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Rated NA 87: The Year In Preview

Rated NA 87: The Year in Preview

It’s the year 2013. Ash makes a fly-by of the games coming out in the first quarter, and we give our early opinions about each. We go in-depth with Rad Soldiers, Fable: The Journey, Downtown Abbey, Far Cry 3 and more tales from the ‘verse in FTL. Finally, Matt previews some likely nerdy highlights of all of 2013 including movies, comics, and tech. And, as always, your responses in our NAQOTW. Warm up your crystal balls and plug in that crusty Zoltar machine… It’s time!

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E3 2011: The Best New Games – ME 3, Tomb Raider, And Skyrim – Find Out Why!

E3 2011: The Best New Games – ME 3, Tomb Raider, and Skyrim – find out why!

I have to hand it to all of the journalists out in L.A. who are probably passed out due to their hard work covering the E3 convention.  How they can enjoy the convention, sneak back up to the press room, write an article, and still find time to actually play some games is a total mystery. I’m exhausted just watching the convention at home on all of my devices. It really is a whole lot of gaming news to take in.

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