Comic-Con 2013: Ten Tips For Survival And Mastery

Comic-Con 2013: Ten Tips for Survival and Mastery

This will be my 11th San Diego Comic-Con, and while I don’t claim to be great at too many things, I’ve become pretty great at Comic-Con. This year I’ll be including even more tips for Comic-Con survival and mastery. San Diego Comic-Con can be an incredibly fun, and slightly overwhelming experience, and everyone deserves to have the best time humanly possible.

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Comic-Con 2012: The Most Dangerous Women At Comic-Con – Panel Coverage

Comic-Con 2012: The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con – Panel Coverage

Katrina Hill’s “The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con” panel was sort of like one of those awesome Marvel Team Up comics you probably read when you were a wee kid. If for some reason you were deprived of said comic, Marvel Team Up would take a few heroes from different books and send them on a mission they could only accomplish by working together. While no crime fighting actually occurred during the panel, it did manage to showcase some of the most creative, fun, and entertaining women in their respective industries.

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Comic-Con 2012: Epic’s Fortnite – Constructing A Whole New World Of Adventure

Comic-Con 2012: Epic’s Fortnite – Constructing a Whole New World of Adventure

Epic Games had a huge presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with both Gears of War: Judgement, and Fortnite showing off their goodies. Until this year’s SDCC, we knew very little of what Fornite was actually about, how it would look, or really, how in the heck it would play. Well, we have some great news for you, Fortnite looks super-slick and has the capacity to be more fun than any of us really deserve.

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Comic-Con 2012: This Is Preview Night!

Comic-Con 2012: This is Preview Night!

As soon as we got into the door I turned to a few of the folks with me and said “Don’t get used to this, it’s about to get a lot more crowded in here.” Within about 15 minutes standard walking became the “con shuffle”, a sort of rhythmic zombie stride that is nowhere close to actual walking. It’s hard to believe there will be MORE people here tomorrow.

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