Comic-Con 2012: This is Preview Night!

Like many of you I traveled a great way in order to attend San Diego Comic-Con.  After about ten hours of cars, taxis, planes, and shuffling, I arrived in the nerd-Mecca that is San Diego.  Preview night is unlike the rest of the con’ as there are little-to-no panels or events planned for the evening.  It’s nice to have no obligations, and it’s a great time to wander the massive floor and get the lay of the land.  Scouting time!

Check In:

In the past, the line to pick up your Comic-Con badge could be up to several hours long… well, not anymore.  It was as if the convention gods had a divine intervention and made the once difficult process a breeze.  Within 15 minutes my entire party had their badges and were out the door.  Thanks SDCC for making things a bit easier.

The Floor:

As soon as we got into the door I turned to a few of the folks with me and said “Don’t get used to this, it’s about to get a lot more crowded in here.”  Within about 15 minutes standard walking became the “con shuffle”, a sort of rhythmic zombie stride that is nowhere close to actual walking.  It’s hard to believe there will be MORE people here tomorrow.  Some standout sites included the WETA trolls, Walking Dead’s Michone, Adult Swim’s “cat grab”, and more color, sound, and nerd-fury than I can really convey.  The floor will always seem massive and overwhelming no matter how many times I attend SDCC. Now to start the real con’.