Rated NA 57: Not My Nuts

Rated NA 57: Not my nuts

Hilary is back for more podcasting adventures: We talk about a departure from G4, PAX Prime registration, The Game of Game of Thrones, and, Fringe news, a Mass Effect 3 composer featured within the Animoog iOS app. We review the first chapter of The Walking Dead game, Dragon’s Dogma demo, The Witcher 2, Cabin in the Woods, and Mass Effect Homeworlds #1. Finally, we talk about your wishlist for a next-gen console experience.

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PAX East 2012: Costumes, Creativity, And Genocidal Puppets!

PAX East 2012: Costumes, Creativity, and Genocidal Puppets!

Where would conventions be without the incredible costumes? There is something magical about seeing your favorite hero or villain standing in front of you in 3D. Costuming has come a long way since my very first comic book convention in the 1980s. The talented folks behind many of the costumes you’ll see below spent months toiling over hundreds of screen shots and concept art to make their creations look as realistic as possible. I’ll go out on a limb and say that conventions wouldn’t be what they are today (see: awesome) without the hard work and dedication of these creative misfits.

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Would You Actually Watch This Mass Effect Cartoon Series? (video)

Would You Actually Watch this Mass Effect Cartoon Series? (video)

Like many of you I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons. As a matter of fact, I called Saturday “cartoon day” until I was about seven years old. Back in the golden era of Saturday morning animated entertainment we had incredible (yet bizzaro) shows like Transformers, Thundercats, and the U.S.A. Cartoon Express. While programming like Star Wars: The Clone Wars still provides kids with a bit of “magic”, I fear that the days of utterly ridiculous 80s-style cartoons are long gone… Enjoy this April fools joke from the fine folks at IGN. For the record… I would watch the poop out of this show.

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Mass Effect 3:  Heroism, Family, & Adventure – The Nerd Appropriate Review

Mass Effect 3: Heroism, Family, & Adventure – The Nerd Appropriate Review

Bioware is known for excellent storytelling, and Mass Effect 3 does NOT disappoint.  At it’s core the Mass Effect trilogy is all about heroism, family, and adventure.  While other RPGs have made the promise of a “branching story line” based on player decision, none have come close to the level of complexity that the the Mass Effect franchise actually achieves.  By now you’ve heard how it works,  as the player progresses through the narrative he/she is forced to make a number of difficult game-changing decisions.  I would venture to say that almost everyone that has played Mass Effect has had a slightly different experience, and that’s just incredible.

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