Rated NA 57: Not my nuts


Hilary is back for more podcasting adventures. We talk about a departure from G4, PAX Prime registration, The Game of Game of Thrones, and, Fringe news, a Mass Effect 3 composer featured within the Animoog iOS app. We review the first chapter of The Walking Dead game, Dragon’s Dogma demo, The Witcher 2, Cabin in the Woods, and Mass Effect Homeworlds #1. Finally, we talk about your wishlist for a next-gen console experience.

Rated NA 57

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Sessler leaves G4
PAX Prime reg breakdown
“Not my nuts”
The game of Game of Thrones
Mass Effect 3 composer on Animoog
Fringe lives to see a 5th and final season

Dragon’s Dogma
Witcher 2
Cabin in the woods
Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1
Ash talks about AC Slater
Matt mentions XForce

Open Thread:”With a new console on the horizon, what game or feature would make you excited enough to upgrade?”
Mention: The future of next gen consoles? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS33cENjyRs



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