G4TV: Like A Phoenix?

G4TV: Like a Phoenix?

While both X-Play and AOTS may be going away forever in December, I doubt we’ve seen the last of the cast and crew. I do have to say that I’ll miss is seeing the X-Play posse storm into the tiny press room at PAX: Prime quite a bit. Like it or not, the loss of G4 (in its current incarnation) is a terrible blow to fans of video games and nerd culture everywhere. Perhaps one day we’ll see everyone back together under a new name, rising from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Best of luck guys, and thanks.

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Rated NA 57: Not My Nuts

Rated NA 57: Not my nuts

Hilary is back for more podcasting adventures: We talk about a departure from G4, PAX Prime registration, The Game of Game of Thrones, and, Fringe news, a Mass Effect 3 composer featured within the Animoog iOS app. We review the first chapter of The Walking Dead game, Dragon’s Dogma demo, The Witcher 2, Cabin in the Woods, and Mass Effect Homeworlds #1. Finally, we talk about your wishlist for a next-gen console experience.

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