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Mass Effect 3: Dispatches from the front lines

A couple of quick notes about some ME3 goings on you might want to be aware of.

Item #1: “Massive” game update on the way for iOS ME: Infiltrator.

Aside from the quick update to support retina display on the new iPad 3 , the update mentions that another update will soon bring something else (?) to the quality handheld game.

Item #2: Community multiplayer challenge. This weekend (March 16/17/18) the goal is to kill 1M brutes. A secondary challenge asks individual squads to complete a silver mission. And your reward? Packs of things… sweeeeeet.

So what are you waiting for… get to blastin’ !!

Happy gaming.


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  1. bill

    let’s do it!

  2. Ash

    I’m in — I just unlocked a Black Widow that needs to shoot things

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