Hero Academy: Something Green This Way Comes? (PAX: East)

Good news for Hero Academy fans attending PAX: East next month, there may be something green and slobbery in your immediate future (or so we think).  Do the creators of Orcs Must Die (now on sale BTW), have even more green mayhem headed our way?  Our money is on YES.  The mad geniuses at Robot Entertainment recently updated their site with some tasty morsels of information regarding their hit iOS title, Hero Academy. Here is what they had to say: “There are a great many features that we’re currently developing to make Hero Academy even better, and those include updates for the iPad and a brand new team. While we’re not quite ready to announce the new team just yet, they’re moving along very nicely. We’re playtesting with them every day, and are hard at work polishing up all of their art, animation, and the mechanics of their new game board. We’ve also been hard at work on an iPad update for the game that will allow you to finally play the game in HD glory.”

Will Orcs be the next playable army in Hero Academy? Or were they all slain during the tragic events of "Orcs Must Die?"

If you happen to be attending PAX: East (like us) make sure to keep you eyes bugged (peeled is so over used) for the Robot Entertainment booth as they are also showing off a brand new original IP.  “We’ve got a great booth lined up this year. In a Robot Entertainment first, we’ll be showing off two games on the floor. One of those games, as you can see to the right, will be Hero Academy. We’ll have a little something new for players to get their hands on at the show…As we mentioned a few weeks ago, you will be playing a new Robot game at PAX East, and that’s what will be showcased in the rest of our booth space. If you somehow didn’t get your ticket to PAX East, now’s the time to start plotting about how to get passes from your friends. It’s going to be our best PAX showing to date, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all of the fun.”

We here at NA are becoming pretty big fanboys of Robot and can’t wait to see what else they have cooking.  Oh yeah, if you’re attending PAX: East this year, be sure to send us a tweet and say “hey”, we’d love to meet ya!



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  1. Scott

    Orcs eh? Sounds fun.

    I’m going to officially lobby for a playable race of synthetics, starting…. now!

    1. Ash

      I’d love to see steam-bots of some sort.. or golems.. how cool!

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