Clone Wars Iceberg III

Clone Wars Season 4 begins… on Clone Wars Adventures

We’ve brought you some impression about SOE’s Clone Wars Adventures in the past — it’s a collection of mini games, it’s for kids, they dangle the carrot in front of you like many online games in the form of 133t items for your avatar, it’s “free to pay”. At the same time, I still assert that this type of stuff would have been awesome to have as a kid, growing up. (think Transfomers, or X-Men)

This time around, the CWA team has crafted a mission of sorts, that takes players to Iceberg Three, a comet in the Calamari System which is used as the staging ground in the upcoming Battle of Mon Calamari (presumably in and around Daca). Thanks Wookiepedia!

The mini campaign is divided up into four of CWA’s mini games, specially themed to match the setting and events taking place in Iceberg III. During the campaign you interact with Plo Koon, Anakin, R2-D2 and Commander Wolffe in between mini games. As the story goes, Grievous is attacking the system and you are called into help secure the base. Your mission is to secure the last communications outpost on the planet to warn the system that Grievous is on the offensive.

When you strip the styling away, the games are not too different from other casual games you might find on other sites, but hey it’s Star Wars… that’s why we’re all here. Perhaps my only complaint is that I don’t remember actually seeing any Calamari during the mission. Now, I’m not expecting you guys to out the plot for the entire season, but throw us a bone, Ok?

Considering the game is mostly free, and even free-er if you were part of the data intrusion debacle on SOE a few months back, it’s worth a look for fans of the Clone Wars series… or, um, fans of not working while at work.

Happy Gaming.


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