Relax ME3

ME3 better with kinect? Don’t fret

The internets are all a-buzz with the leak of potential box art for ME3 depicting the “Better with Kinect” band. I say, relax everyone. Better with Kinect also means “Kinect not required”. You’ll more than likely be able to play your favorite RPG-turned-FPS without any interference from that nasty peripheral that requires you to move your body. Try to see the potential — the game might enable voice commands to your squad or beat Star Wars to the punch with gestures to enable powers. Or maybe something even simpler than that such as gesture based activation of renegade and paragon actions. I’m just saying… have a little faith in the BioWare crew.

This game has entered a much larger world than when it first debuted as a non-EA property. I’ve had my own gripes with the way the gameplay and story has  evolved over the past few years, but I’m not jumping ship. I’d also wager that the community, at-large, is going to pick up this game even if there’s no marketing between now and release. So, here’s looking forward to (hopefully) Q1 2012. “XBox, initiate alien love sequence.”


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  1. matt

    VOICE COMMAND! I hope I actually called something correctly for once.

  2. Ash

    The Ducks are going DOOOWWWNNNN

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