id’s RAGE: pretty graphics at the bottom of The Well !

We just got a press release from Bethesda and here you are, hot out of our inbox like a binary pizza pie!1!  Check out this new footage of id’s RAGE and let us know if the pretty graphics are pretty enough to make you want to play yet another FPS.

‘The Well’. In ‘The Well’, we take you into the town of Wellspring as it’s being terrorized by a bandit clan threatening to poison the town’s water supply. The ransacked well must be infiltrated and the bandit threat of lethal contamination must be stopped.


After watching this new footage I’m pretty much sold on the fact that RAGE is going to be a heck of a good time. Sure, conceptually we’ve seen this all before and RAGE very much could be a spin-off of the Fallout series, but there were a few things in this batch of new footage that got me excited.

1) Living breathing town – I love the vibe of Wellspring. The folks at ID did a great job bringing that town to life.
2) Character Movement – I love how the character moves in first person, this isn’t something that is easy to pull off.
3) Ammo types – Borrowing from Bioshock, guns have ammo types that can impact the enviornment… like electro-bolts for the crossbow. We also get to see some sort of mind control-exploding bolt, as well as various shotgun rounds… variety as they say..
4) Other people in the world – I’m sick of being the “lone gun” on an impossible mission, and I love the idea that there are other A.I. scrubs there to help me out.
5) The Music – I don’t know if this music was just for the trailer, or actually exists ‘in-game’, but I dig!

Well Rage, I think you sold me… I’m keeping my eye on you.