E3! We’re just like Oracle stuck in the Batcave!

Phil Noto is just damn awesome

Nerd Appropriate is not heading to this year’s E3, but we sure are going to cover the news as we hear it.  Unlike a lot of the larger sites that are trying to out-scoop each other we fully realize that we’re in no position to directly compete.  We are but a flea sucking on the juicy cheeto fueled blood of the video game industry. Unlike some of the larger sites that NEED scoops to pay the bills, we write about this stuff because we truly love it.  If you want to hear our opinions on all the latest E3 insanity, then stick around and we’ll be giving you the news as we hear it.  Think of us sort of like Oracle from Batman… Only not paralyzed… okay that was a bad analogy.

So why aren’t you going? All the “cool kids” are doing it! – is based out of Florida, the limp phallus of the United States.  The Nerds of NA all have jobs, pets, wives, and bills.  While does make us millions of dollars pesos in ad revenune, this year’s E3 was a bit out of our reach.  So, like many of you that can’t make it out to L.A., we’ll be watching the big boys like Giant Bomb, Joystiq, G4, and Kotaku for some of the most important stories of the gaming year.  Does it pain us that we’re not going?  Sure, it would be great to be there, but now we have a goal for next year.