Comic-Con 2014: Game On! (Full List Of Video Game Programming)

Comic-Con 2014: Game On! (Full List of Video Game Programming)

Comic-Con-LogoWhile not nearly as massive as PAX in terms of its video game related programming, Comic-Con has been steadily adding more video game related content year after year. This year Comic-Con has dozens of panels to satisfy your video game hunger. Sadly, indie games haven’t really made their way to Comic-Con as of yet, but it’s only a matter of time before indie games crash the party.

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Rated NA 126: Candy Pile

Rated NA 126: Candy pile

The gang gets swept up in Halloween, let’s pile up the spoils and see what we’ve got! Scott gets new chatacters in the mobile favorite, Combo Crew, and plays the sugary-sweet FORCED, now available on Steam. Matt discovers a fun-sized bundle of HBO with comcast internet, then goes straight for Batman: Arkham Origins. Ash unrwaps Capcom’s 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia, and still has a sweet-tooth for GTA V. Hilary sinks her teeth into The White Queen miniseries and NBC’s Dracula. Finally, we haunt the NAFF and NAPL, before settling in to hear your favorite memories from Halloweens past in our NAQOTW.

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I See The Future: Five Amazing Things That Will Happen In 2013

I See the Future: Five Amazing Things That Will Happen in 2013

Using overly complicated computers with blinking lights and super-colliders that make the Higgs Boson seem tiny, NA complied a list of five amazing things that WILL happen in 2013. Over the years we’ve become very good at predicting trends in pop culture and gaming, so just remember that you heard it here first-ish. Hold onto your Tardis, here we go.

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Dragon’s Dogma: Capcom Delivers A Fantastical Fantasy Feast!

Dragon’s Dogma: Capcom Delivers a Fantastical Fantasy Feast!

I had been limping through the darkness for what seemed like forever. My allies had all fallen to an ogre deep within an abandoned mine, and town was nowhere in sight. Out of potions, lamp light, and food I crept through the darkness toward a curious torch in the distance. Salvation? As I approached, squinting to see what was ahead, the blast of an unfamiliar horn made me realize that I had made a fatal mistake. Within seconds a dozen snarling goblins surrounded my wounded avatar with swords raised. Soon after that, I was dead. This is the brutal world of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma.

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