Delicious Jill Sandwhich! Resident Evil Restaurant Opens in Japan.

Zombies, lickers, tyrants, hunters, and hamburgers?  The Resident Evil franchise is known for a number of things, but grilled meat typically isn’t high on the list.  Big news for Resident Evil fans, the very first Resident Evil themed restaurant opens on 13th July in Japan, by the name of “Biohazard Cafe & Grill S.T.A.R.S.”  Sadly, the cafe will only be open for the next year to no doubt help with the promotion of Resident Evil Six.  Those of us not planning on visiting Tokyo (raises hand) within the next 12 months will have to live vicariously through the culinary adventures of others.  Various sites are also reporting that the Biohazard Cafe will also have limited edition Resident Evil items for sale…. Awesome.  Jill Sandwich anyone?

I'll pay someone to ship me a menu from Japan!

They should hire Julia Voth to attend the grand opening. That would blow my noggin.