Julia Voth: The Nerd Appropriate Interview

We’re incredibly excited to bring you our interview with Ms. Julia Voth. For those unaware of Julia and her accomplishments, hold on to your toupees. Julia left the majestic land of Saskatchewan Canada for neon streets of Japan at the tender age of 14. It was while in Japan she caught the eye of Capcom, and was cast to be the model for Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine. Capcom liked her so much that they decided to use her likeness as Jill for a number of video games, including Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I first discovered Ms. Voth years ago while scouring the internet for information on Resident Evil. Sitting there slack jawed I remember thinking “… wait.. she’s real?”. Since that day nearly 7 years ago I’ve been following Julia’s career pretty closely (not the same thing as stalking… I don’t think) and have seen her appear in ads for Calvin Klein, Guess, Shu Umera, Avon and more. In 2009 Julia appeared in the incredibly fun exploitation film Bitch Slap, and gained the attention of film geeks everywhere. Just last month, Julia won her first award for her portrayal of Bitch Slap’s Trixie at the 2011 Idyllwild film festival. Julia was cool enough to answer some of my questions of about life, travel, Jill Valentine, and being a nerd.

Voth as Trixie in the amazingly fun “Bitch Slap”.

NA – Ash: What was your experience like leaving Canada and moving to Japan at such a young age? Do you remember what it was like stepping out of the airport and seeing Japan for the first time?

Julia Voth: I was 14, and 14 year olds don’t really think they just do. I remember my mom and I stepping off the plane and into, what felt like, a whole other world. I was like ‘oh Japan… cool!’ I come from a grain farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, so Tokyo Japan is as different as you can get. But as different as it was I fell in love with the city and the people. I ended up going back to work probably 20 times. I still feel like it’s my long lost home.

NA- Ash: How exactly were you approached by Capcom to play the character of Jill Valentine? Did you have any idea at the time that you would end up breathing new life into one of the most iconic female characters in video game history?

Julia as Jill Valentine

Julia Voth: ‘most iconic female characters in video game history’ Wow! Thank you very much! I think I just blushed lol!   Well… It was my second trip to Tokyo and I remember going into this huge office building in Tokyo and there were tons of girls there. They told us it was for a video game, but nothing more. The next day my agent told me I got the job and what character they wanted me for, needless to say I was very excited. I had no idea she would grow to the popularity that she did. I feel very blessed to be part of it. It really is such a great honor.

  • “I feel very blessed to be part of it (Resident Evil). It really is such a great honor.”

NA- Ash: Okay now for some fun ones. Someone gives you a time traveling phone booth and the opportunity to jump back in time. What advice would you give the 14 year old version of yourself?

Julia Voth: Haha omg ummm… try the Japanese curry its amazing lol

NA- Ash: I really enjoy asking people in the industry what they would be doing if their particular job were all of a sudden outlawed. So if acting and modeling were no longer allowed, what do you think you’d be doing?

Julia Voth: I would most definitely be writing. Poems, novels, anything you like… just let me write

NA- Ash: Bitch Slap was a total blast and I’m glad to see that its still doing well and generating buzz. Were you ever reluctant to be part of such an “edgy” production?

Julia Voth: When my agent first gave me my script and I saw the title I already had some doubts lol but as I read, those were put to rest big time. I’ve always been one to do things my way and do them big. Bitch Slap was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

NA- Ash: Rumor has it you trained with the legendary Zoe Bell for Bitch Slap’s crazy fight sequences. Can you explain what that experience was like?

Julia Voth: I did, and let me say Zoe is a goddess. She is one of the most brilliant minds out there, no doubt she will keep on rising. She has this amazing gift of making you feel totally comfortable with doing almost anything. I trust her completely and she is a total badass. During the fight scene when Trixie gets punched in the face by Camero it is actually Zoe doing it, I always tell her she can punch me in the face any day.

  • “I always tell her (Zoe Bell) she can punch me in the face any day “

NA- Ash: You recently won your first award at the Idyllwild film festival for your portrayal of Trixie. Did you ever expect to win rewards for such a crazy and unique character? How did it feel?

Julia Voth: I did! Isn’t that crazy? I was shocked actually because I didn’t know I was even up for an award. I didn’t ever think I would win an award for a character like Trixie because the whole movie is so out there. I think (and I’m not just speaking for myself, all the actors in Bitch Slap are incredibly talented people) when people are faced with an in your face type movie like this they tend to not really see that quality of the performances. It was a great honor and a great motivator to do more and take more chances in this business. I’m flattered and I just want to give all of you something else to love.

NA- Ash: A little bird (named the internet) told me that your next role is the indi horror film Lilith. Is there anything you can mention about this one yet?

Julia Voth: Yes! Lilith is a very cool, dark physiological thriller based on the classic tale of Dante’s Inferno. Writer/Dir Sridhar Reddy approached me this film last year and once I read it and spoke to him about his vision I knew I wanted to play Sarah. He’s going to be one of those filmmakers that in a few years everyone will want to work with, he has such a great eye and really is an actors director, he just knows how to talk to you and get you to where you need to be. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to work with him. And from what I’ve seen the film looks incredible, we will be hitting the festival circuit this year so definitely look out for it.

NA-Ash: If they decided to reboot the Resident Evil film franchise and approached you to play Jill Valentine, what would you say?

Julia Voth: Where do I sign? I have always felt a connection to Jill, and more so always been very proud of the fact that people still love her and want to play her. It would truly be a full circle moment for me in my life and career. Ok so seriously, where do I sign ?

  • “I have always felt a connection to Jill, and more so always been very proud of the fact that people still love her and want to play her.”

NA- Ash: You’ve gotten the opportunity to travel a great deal in your life. What are some of the most amazing places you’ve had the opportunity to experience?

Julia Voth: I have been very fortunate to travel and also to meet some of the coolest people while I was away. Oslo is one of my favorites, cant forget my first love Tokyo, Paris of course how can you not love the city full of it.

NA- Ash:   Seeing how this site is, I am required to ask you the following question.  What is the nerdiest thing that you like to do? (from collecting stamps, to watching full seasons of bad T.V. in a Wonder Woman costume)

Totally Nerd Appropriate

Julia Voth: The Wonder Woman costume I got and I wear more then I probably should. I’m a final cut express nerd, I take home videos and edit mini movies and send them to my family. They love them! I sit up way to long most nights doing something silly on my computer.

NA- Ash: Julia, thank you so much from myself and the folks at We look forward to all of your future projects (and will help plug the hell out of them.  Any final words?

Julia Voth: Thank you so much for contacting me I love your website! Nerds are cool, plain and simple. If you ever need anything else let me know!

NA- Ash: We’ll be in touch and will probably run into you at a convention one of these days!  We thank you!

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