Alison Haislip: The Nerd Appropriate Interview

Forged in the fires of Mount Awesome (New Jersery), Alison Haislip leapt from the ashes to entertain geeks and nerds across the planet. From the sandy beaches of Hawaii to the streets of Tokyo, Alison has been everywhere and done things we mere mortals would not dare attempt. When she’s not swimming with great white sharks, or being a ninja warrior, Alison serves as G4-TV’s main on the scene correspondent. This means she has the best job on T.V.

Alison Haislip: The Nerd Appropriate Interview

Big thanks to Alison for taking the time out of her adventures to answer our questions, we appreciate it!

NA- Ash: You’re very good at your job, and have gotten the opportunity to talk to some of the most respected entertainers on the planet. When you were kid, did you ever think you’d be doing what you’re doing now?

Alison Haislip: If you told 12 year old me that one day, I would interview Leonard Nimoy (all Trek fans click that link), 12 year old me would drop dead of surprise, causing current me to never exist, and thereby creating a time-vortex that would destroy the universe as we know it. So in conclusion, it’s really good you never told 12 year old me anything.

NA-Ash: Doc Brown pulls up to your apartment, hops out of his Delorean with a banana peel, and in a panic shouts “Alison, we need to go back!” (being a history teacher I love asking this one) If you could go anywhere, at any time, where would you go and what would you do?

Alison Haislip: Ironic that I answered my first question with a time-vortex scenario, and now THIS is the second question. It’s almost like I’m psychic or something!! I’M BECOMING A MUTANT!!!! PROFESSOR X, WHERE ARE YOU?!?! I’M FINALLY READY TO….I’m sorry…what was the question again?

NA-Ash: Legend has it that you were a bartender when you were “discovered” by the folks at G4. Do you think dealing with drunken maniacs on a daily basis sufficiently prepared you for your current line of work?

Alison Haislip: Absolutely. That and the fact that I lack the ability to flinch. Seriously. It’s a little weird. Most people have issues when you put things near their eyes, but I learned how to put in contacts in 30 seconds at the age of 14. My optometrist had never seen anyone do it so quickly. Somehow, I think that ties in with my ability to do badass stuff with little or no training.

NA-Ash:  You went to space camp as a kid for four years. While at Space Camp, did you ever secretly wish that a rogue computer would send you and your friends up into space “on accident”? And do you think that you still have the skills to navigate the cosmos?

Alison Haislip:  Actually, I secretly wished that a giant meteor was going to destroy the earth, and my mining team and I were hired to fly to the meteor and drill it apart before it wiped out the entire human race. Because then that would mean the anti-gravity chamber from Armageddon really existed and people would stop asking me if I ever went in one at Space Camp.

NA- Ash: As a self proclaimed “convention rat”, I’ve seen my fair share of convention insanity ( very proud to say I was at your very first signing ). What is your most memorable convention memory?

Alison Haislip: Oh…it was totally…you…at my first signing….um….yeeeaaaah….

NA-Ash: (To self: totally called it!)

Alison Haislip: Getting hit on by Danny Trejo wearing a vest full of knives in front of a taco truck outside of Comic Con ’10 was pretty damn memorable too.

NA- Ash: You’ve always been a proud Geek.  What advice do you have for young people that are struggling with their identities, or who may be getting picked on for being whom they want to be?

Alison Haislip: My advice for anyone, whether they be geek or not, is “Let your freak flag fly.” The world is too boring otherwise. Not everyone may like you, but the ones who do, will REALLY like you.

  • Let your freak flag fly.” The world is too boring otherwise.

NA- Ash: Okay, that was a serious one… let’s lighten the tone shall we? The world is now crawling with the undead. What is your master strategy for survival?

Alison Haislip: A shotgun, a baseball bat, and a good pair of sneakers. A Molotov cocktail wouldn’t hurt either.

NA- Ash: Attack of the Show is an absolute blast. Do you ever get exhausted with all the traveling you do? (you’re honestly in a different city every week)

Alison Haislip: I have had moments when I don’t even know what city I’m in. I’ve called friends during layovers at airports and they’ll ask where I am…The only answer I can give them is “in an airport.”

Alison Haislip: It’s also a little freaky when the guards in the security lines start recognizing you…

NA- Ash: You have an incredibly loyal community brewing at (with over 100,000 posts!), have you ever thought of doing meet-ups or gatherings in some of the cities that you frequent?

Alison Haislip: I’d love to! Except when I travel, I’m normally in a city for no more than 48 hours, 47 of which I am either working, sleeping, traveling, or eating. So until I can find more time to stay in one place, fans will have to be satisfied with stalking me at various conventions or on Twitter. And trust me, I WELCOME the stalking!!

  • “…fans will have to be satisfied with stalking me at various conventions or on Twitter”

NA- Ash: What video games and movies are you looking forward to this year? And will you be at Comic Con 2011 for us to high 5?

Alison Haislip: Bulletstorm, Gears 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Super 8, Battle: Los Angeles, and Captain America. And I better be getting high fives at Comic Con!!

NA-Ash: On behalf of myself and the folks at thank you so much!

Alison Haislip: Thank YOU! Now can you please let me out of this cage? I have to pee…


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