PAX Prime 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Interview


Ash and Scott sit down with producer, Scylla Costa and associate producer, Billy Buskell, from BioWare to talk about Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer! #jarofbees

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Interview

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  1. Fluidfyre

    Aaaaghghhh *drooling and foaming at the mouth in excitement*

    1. Ash

      For good reason. It was CRAZY fun. Can’t wait to play with you guys.

  2. TeamLexana

    An attribute for every promotion?! Imma break the game so hard! Love it!

    1. Ash

      I’m right there with you!

      1. TeamLexana

        Just going by how much peeps promoted in ME3 just for the geekdom right of having a bigger N7 (must be a boy thing, lol) I’d imagine they’d have to cap the attributes at some point. I have friends who have classes that they’ve promoted over a hundred times! We all play it too much, haha. I just got my challenge score well over 82k, hehe.

        1. Ash

          Nothing wrong with that! ME3MP was crazy fun. I don’t think I got anywhere near 82k though. Impressive!

          1. TeamLexana

            We’ve played it off and on for years now, lol. I really like the balance between a player who’s put in a lot of time and one that hasn’t necessarily had the game for long.

            Games like Borderlands and Diablo pretty much penalize you for playing with peeps with a higher level than you because the game becomes much too hard for you to kill anything but don’t worry because the higher level dude is killing everything anyways and it’s extremely boring. Even if playing in their game gave you a lot of xp, you were now way overleveled for your game and again: BORING. lol.

            At the same time in ME3, a person who played more was also more likely to have more Ultra Rares and plenty of equipment, so it you were still “rewarded” for playing a lot and the game wasn’t watered down where it stayed the same damage output no mater what you did or equipped just in the sake of balance for the noob who just got the game and has no Ultra Rares and very little equipment.

        2. kftgr

          I promoted a lot because I liked progressing from level 1. It makes it a bit more interesting than just staying at 20 all the time.

  3. darko

    Hey do you guys play primarily on consoles or the PC? I’m asking as a PC gamer and it would be great to play with you guys on release.

    1. Ash

      Hey there Darko! Sadly the three of us will probably be playing on console. Although I’m guessing I may get it for PC as well eventually.

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