You Enter A Dimly Lit Cave… Acquisitions Incorporated Live at PAX!

Things that happen to you while on a solo adventure rarely happen when you travel with others. On the first leg of my trip to PAX I sat next to an incredibly nice young lady from Germany who loved to ride horses and play UNO. The second leg of my trek was an entirely different story. It’s almost as if the universe wanted to punish me for having a great first flight. Much to my dismay my second travel companion was a massive angry beast of a woman who was so gargantuan that she literally flowed into my seat. I shit you not, at one point I woke up to the beautiful sound of her eating a hamburger about six-inches from from my trapped face. She continually oiled her hands with a foul smelling “berry body rub” and had trouble breathing correctly. Am I an insensitive asshole? Sure… But you try having a stink-beast on your lap for four hours..

Where am I going with this? As soon as the flight ended I received a special invitation to a live recording of Acquisitions Incorporated at PAX:Prime, and all my angry feelings just faded away. ┬áIf you’ve never heard of Acquisitions Incorporated, you’re really missing out. If Dungeons and Dragons isn’t your thing, well then this may not be for you. But if you’re a fan of DnD, Penny Arcade, Will Wheaton, and laughter then stay tuned to our Twitter feed to hear all about this special event. To clarify, I don’t know if this is a media only event, but I’ll let you all know.