Comic-Con 2013: On The Deck Of The Jackdaw – Black Flags In The Sunset

Comic-Con 2013: On the Deck of the Jackdaw – Black Flags in the Sunset

ComicCon-logoOne of the highlights of this year’s Comic-Con adventure was, without a doubt, getting to wander the decks of the Jackdaw after the sun set on San Diego. To help promote the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Ubisoft converted the Star of India (the world’s oldest active sailing ship) into a replica of the Jackdaw for a weekend of pirate themed debauchery.

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Comic-Con 2013: Course Of The Force Closing Ceremony Kicks Off Comic-Con In Style

Comic-Con 2013: Course of the Force Closing Ceremony Kicks off Comic-Con in Style

ComicCon-logoI arrived a bit early this year for Comic-Con and managed to catch the end of the Course of the Force relay run for the Make-a-Wish foundation. For the second year now Nerdist Industries, in association with Lucasfilm, have journeyed from San Francisco to San Diego to have some fun and help out children in need.

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Comic-Con 2012:  Joss Whedon Talks To Us About A Firefly Video Game…  Shiny!

Comic-Con 2012: Joss Whedon Talks to us About a Firefly Video Game… Shiny!

The story of Firefly is one of swashbuckling space heroes, evil mega-corporations, and above all else, friendship. Ten years after its premature cancellation, Firefly is more popular than ever with “Jane hat” wearing fans all over the ‘verse. We were incredibly honored to be asked to cover the 10th anniversary panel and subsequent press conference

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Podcast Alert: Aisha Tyler Brings The Nerdy With ‘Girl On Guy’

Podcast Alert: Aisha Tyler Brings the Nerdy With ‘Girl on Guy’

You may know Aisha Tyler from Talk Soup, or perhaps her stand up comedy, but did you know Aisha is a big time nerd? The latest episode of her podcast “Girl on Guy” (careful when you Google that) feature’s Chuck’s Zachary Levi and contains just about as much nerdery as one of our OWN podcasts… and that’s really saying something.

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