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Comic-Con 2011: Community Gets Musical (video)

Community on NBC

We love all sorts of stuff here at NA; explosions, robots, loud music, and laughter. I would venture to say that as a group NBC’s Community is our favorite half hour comedy. The cast of Community made their first appearance at last year’s Comic-Con, and were totally hilarious (it was seriously funny guys). When I learned that Community was returning to Comic-Con 2011 I made sure that I was there no matter what. Here is a little video I slapped together of the intro video, followed by some pretty hilarious singing by Gillian Jacobs, Joel McHale, and Donald Glover. I really hope this show stays on the air because it’s seriously the most innovative comedy in recent years. Alison Brie was not in attendance.


  • I hear she was on Twitter with Yvette Brown during the event… she was there in spirit.. er, tweets.