Community Game Night: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer – WELCOME TO EARTH!

In the immortal words of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air “WELCOME TO EARTH!” Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is a total blast and I’m happy to say that’s it’s clearly here to stay.  The latest free multiplayer expansion, simply titled “Earth”, allows players to participate in the brutal battle for Earth in three all new locations.  It’s a ton of fun, and we want to play with YOU this Saturday night (7/21).  Oh yeah, we *might* even have some extra special guests joining us… more on that later.

How do I participate?:  Respond in this thread, or on Twitter by Saturday (7/21) evening with your XBL gamertag and you’re eligible to play.  Groups will be organized on the fly as soon as we get a proper head count.

When will it begin?:  We’re aiming to start playing around 8PM EST on Saturday 7/21. 

Who are your special guests?: We’re working on it!

What difficulty will you be playing on?:  From silver to platinum, depending on how we feel.

Are you guys super serious and mean when you play?: Nope, we make dumb jokes and die a lot.  Don’t fret.

Again, tespond to this thread, or our Twitter  feed by Saturday (7/21) evening with your XBL gamertag and you’re eligible to play.  Groups will be organized on the fly as soon as we get a proper head count.

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  1. bill

    Bring it on! Ash you will love the Typhoon assault rifle I picked up!

  2. gamerchic

    I’m in! gamertag: tai0316

  3. N7Commander

    I am so in!!! XBL tag is N7Rogue02

  4. Ash

    Great guys! We have some confirmed guests from the Bioware family, so this should be a whole lot of fun.

  5. Ryan Clark

    I believe the line is “WELCOME TO ERF”

  6. hilary h shapiro

    Hey – I think Bethany (HemiArt), Wes (EdgeXCreidann), Joe (NJ Kahuna), Jeff (@KoobsAudio) & Jimmy (drakmarth) are in as well. Allegra may pop in for a bit as too. 🙂 Best to keep things organized. Of course you have the Press 2 Reset & BioWare peeps already. We are going to have so much fun!!

  7. Cookie Colon

    Totally replied on twitter but i’ll leave one here too! GT is ArcanaLegacy! Im so excited! Dont worry yallz – im a constant medic with my friends! I leave no one behind! Ill revive you all XD And I make silly nerd appropriate jokes as well! Pun intended! Lets go leeroy jenkins at atlas and banshees and etc together XD *runs in full speed like a crazy idiot*

  8. Derek Baker

    Count me in, if my schedule cooperates.

  9. Scott

    I might be in on the late end of this, but I’ve got a whole bag of tactics ready to deploy

  10. CasinoReborn

    count me in it sounds awesome! Gamertag CasinoReborn

  11. Aggie

    ill be there

  12. David Musselwhite

    im in XBL tag is Beavchops

  13. Steve Lewis


  14. Henry Scharfe

    I’ll do my best to show up! Gamertag: CHutchRUN

  15. N7 Rayven001

    N7 Rayven001
    count me in

  16. Cyvaris

    No PC? Pfff lame.

  17. Mark Wedel

    I should be in and out. I’ve been looking for people that want to play. My Gamertag is Bohica Arzak on XBL.

  18. James McDonald

    I’m in on this! Gamertag is scarecrow62713 on XBL

  19. Tim MacDonald

    Gamertag Spazzz117 Count mE IN!!!

  20. TheHobbitGamer

    I should be on after 11p EST, gt HobbitGamer

  21. Mike Burks

    Send me an invite ! Tag is ProfessorEnigma

  22. Luke Gardner

    TheBritish117… Earth 1st!! 😛

  23. Zackery Russell


  24. Liam


  25. NeuroAbyss


  26. Ash

    Thanks so much for signing up everyone. We’re making a big spreadsheet of names and will have a salvo of invites going out around 8PM EST. We will try and get as many of you in as possible.

  27. ray


  28. Spikewitwicky


  29. Angelo Condez


  30. mitisvenatrix

    Tag’s mitisvenatrix. Should be on by 11 est. Hit me up if you need a sniper girl. 🙂

  31. Chris Jenkins

    I’m in if there are still slots left – GT is clawglip

  32. Peef Dungbar

    no pc?

  33. Abelon123


  34. Scirt

    Skooter magnum

  35. James Beckers


  36. Surge747


  37. Ryan


  38. Essien Bourbon Nosworthy


  39. Alex Schott

    Alpha Church 00. Looking forward to tonight.

  40. LA_Fabio

    Pls, next weekend on PC.

  41. Willis The Pony


  42. Saejima

    Super! Gamertag: Gill Walker

  43. holla

    F Nine

  44. Sean Buckley


  45. Lee Robinson

    Loopyleelee will be there !!!!

  46. Tim S


  47. Lee Erakovich


  48. Elena227


  49. Dreadnotes

    Dreadnotes if there’s a spot.

  50. bill

    Great Time! good work NA!

  51. Darcy


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