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Shoot Many Robots: PAX East Preview

new title from Demiurge

Let’s call this one BorderSlug or MetalLands or BorderMetalSlugLands…I digress.

Shoot Many Robots is an Action-RPG side scrolling game being put out by Demiurge. The studio up to this point has been best known for working alongside of other studios like Gearbox, Harmonix, and Bioware. The basis of the story is that you are P. Walter Tugnut, yep, Tugnut. It doesn’t stop there, the P stands for Pickles. So, as you can tell this game stands on the more serious side of RPG’s. Well good ol’ Mr. Tugnut lives in his RV awaiting the robo-pocalypse and one day his patience pays off. The “Chernobyl” style factory off in the distance begins producing massive amounts of robots that attempt to take over the world. Well our protagonist springs into action with all the tools he has been working on at his side. What kind of tools? Butterfly wings, a tu-tu, jetpacks, a helmet…you know the usual stuff.

Demiurge stepped off the reservation when it came to planning for this game. I asked one of the Producers that I was playing with about how they came up with the lengthy list of items that you are able to collect and use throughout the game. His response was that he asked everyone in the office to come up with an item one day, no matter what. No rules it could be anything they dream up and have any effect on the player they wanted, but they had to think of something. The result is a lengthy list of add-ons including a Helmet that lets you ground pound, two types of jet packs, and a tu-tu that enhances your running. Every item does some sort of special effect or stat buff.

Shoot Many Robots

What makes this game an RPG is the stat and experience building. Your character gains experience and nuts (the metal kind) through the decimation of robots and as that experience compiles, you gain attributes. Much like Borderlands, you also gain weaponry which will boost stats and abilities per weapon type. The gameplay on the other hand is a frantic version of Metal Slug. Two to four player co-op with the option for both online and in room. You have the standard platform, multi-level action mixed in with a sense of humor all its own. Low on health? Drink a beer. All while Walter high steps it King Arthur style through the level. The controls felt responsive and the shooting felt pretty good, with the occasional issue of it not aiming where I wanted it to. You control your movement with the left stick and the reticle with the right. I’m not a huge fan of this, but the addition of being able to essentially iron site it by pulling the left trigger was a nice touch. My compatriot and myself died a few times, but you can raise your fallen mates with the pull of the right bumper. We played through one of the early stages called FarmTown, a desolate wasteland of stacked up cars and trashed scenery. It fit perfectly in the world, and the cell-shaded art style lent to the sense of humor the game carried with it.

Overall I found myself laughing through out and having a blast tearing through wave after wave of robots. The game is still in development and if I had any gripes it would probably be that the art seemed a little flat at times. Where the colors started to blend and things got a bit lost from foreground to background, but even then, with the over all tone I’m not sure that I would have enjoyed it as much with a more realistic art style. Everything was designed well and the controls and gameplay were fun as hell. They wouldn’t say what system it was coming out on but I am willing to say I had an eXcellent time playing it. I have a feeling we’ll probably see some sort of cross-platform release though. Keep your eyes open later this year for Shoot Many Robots, it’s worth checking out for a good laugh and time with your friends.


Demiurge announced a contest that they are still carrying right now called Design Many Robots. You can find out more about that here.


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    Looks awesome. I might have to try my hand at a robot design.

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