Community Game Night: Mission Successful! Thanks

We just wanted to add a quick note to thank you all.  When we set out to create our very first official Nerd Appropriate community game night (ME3MP), we didn’t really know what to expect.  In all honesty we were just looking for an excuse to meet some new players, hang out with friends, and shoot some virtual bad guys.  We’re elated to say that our community game night went better than we could have ever anticipated.  With dozens of players from all over the world signing up to have some fun, we were able to run five eight person squads for over four hours with new players filtering in and out!  While there were a few “rocket glitching” troublemakers, all five “squads” reported that everyone who participated was respectful and awesome toward one another.  Big thanks to everyone involved including some of our friends at Bioware who dropped by to have some fun, Patrick Weekes, Karin Weekes, and Mike Gamble.  Nerd Appropriate was created with community in mind, and it was an absolute blast to meet and play with so many new folks.  Thanks!

Will be doing it again soon?  You bet!

Will be have more “special guests”? Perhaps

Will you be able to let more people in? 40 at a time is currently our limit, but we’ll work on it.

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  1. Nate

    Lots of fun being had in my crew. Thanks again

    1. Ash

      Thanks again for all of your help

  2. CasinoReborn

    this was an amazing night and i cant wait for the next one!!!

    1. Ash

      Thanks! We’re looking forward to it as well.

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