Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Trailer Breathes New Life Into The Franchise

One quick blurb before I pass out for the evening. Capcom dropped this absolutely insane cinematic for RE:ORC this week that managed to highlight a wide variety of the game’s mechanics using only a pre-rendered cinematic. Take a look at the latest trailer from Capcom and relive some of the greatest gaming moments of all time from a whole new perspective. Do you feel as though Slant Six Games can pull off such an ambitious title? Or, do you think this franchise is destined to crash and burn like Alpha team’s chopper?

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  1. Dibol

    Of the party that it’s destined to crash and burn. As it was, RE5 left a definitive sour taste in my mouth up to the point that no amount of spin-offs can ever redeem how much of a turd Capcom steered the direction of the franchise. “Want the downfall of Umbrella, oops, we’ll put it in a Wii spin-off.” Capcom’s management is a joke, to be honest.

    1. Ash

      Dibol – I think the problem with Resident Evil is that different teams always wanted to take the franchise in different directions, and that led to a muddled confusing mess. I couldn’t agree more that they made a big mistake by putting the downfall of Umbrella on the Wii. I’m one of the biggest RE fans you’ll ever meet, and I didn’t even touch that title.

      1. Dibol

        Be glad you didn’t. I’ve been a fan myself, although I started with RE2 (Beaten most of the main canon games in existence, and did not play the Gamecube Remake of 1, nor Dead Aim for the PS2. Regretted Survivor and the non-canon Game Boy Color game.) Played both of the Chronicles games at a buddy’s house, and am glad I didn’t waste $200 for two mediocre games (Do not own a Wii.)

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