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Mass Effect’s Reaper Gold challenge and Earth DLC Expansion

It’s that time again folks, N7 Weekend is upon us. July 13-15… pretty simple this time around. Well, simple to explain that is: Extract at least one squad member… against Reapers… on Gold. Commendation packs for the winning squads and a medi-gel cap increase for the community if 400,000 Reaper challenges are beat on any difficultly.

Source: Bioware Social


Oh, and one last thing. This just turned up on major nelson’s blog:
Mass Effect 3: Earth Multiplayer Expansion (Electronic Arts) 17-Jul FREE

Source: Major Nelson

“Welcome to Earth.”


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  1. Nerd Appropriate

    Wow… I’d really like to help out with this one, but I’ll be in SD. Reaper gold is no joke.

    1. Scott

      I will call forth the wrath of the NA community for help on this one =)

  2. Aenne Schumann


    1. Scott

      Yeah, what’s the deal? When I found out that killing 2 Banshees spawns 2 more Banshees I kinda felt cheated a little bit. Wave 8 is broken =)

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