Comic-Con 2012: The TV viewers guide – Full Panel Listing

They're coming...

The great thing about Nerd Appropriate (if I do say so myself) is that we come from a pretty diverse set of places. I play a decent amount of video games, but come nowhere near the epic amount of XBOX live points that fellow editor Scott has, currently hovering around 75,000. I don’t even match the non-paltry 40,000 that Ash has racked up. The one thing I do in mass quantities, and good lord if only I could gain achievement points for it, is watch television. I can’t explain what it is about the warming glow, but that idiot box has me trapped. I watch everything from sitcoms, to documentary, to news programs and more. If it’s on TV, I will most likely watch it. The good thing is that comic-con will not leave a TV fan wanting. The bad thing is that most of the panels take place in the time consuming Hall H or Ballroom 20. Never fear, I have broken down where the TV panels are, which ones are the ones to be at, and which ones are the ones to miss. So let’s get this started:


11AMFilmation and Lou Scheimer: Celebrating a generation of Animation and TV Heroes  – Room 23ABC – Funimation produced legendary cartoons including Batman, Fat Albert, He-Man, Ghostbusters, need I go on? Listen to the man behind it all talk about nearly 30 years of entertaining adults and children alike.

12PMCartoon Network and Dreamworks Animation: Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk Room 6A – First look at a new weekly series debuting in the fall. It follows the story of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless from the acclaimed How to Train Your Dragon.

2:15PMUSA Network: PsychBallroom 20 – Fans will get to interact with the stars and creators of the show. With time for Q&A and exclusive clips of the 7th season.

2:30PMMTV’s Teen WolfRoom 6A – No Michael J Fox won’t be there, but the cast and Executive Producer of this new MTV series will be. Catch an exclusive look at the new season as well as time for a Q&A.

3:45PMThe Walking DeadRoom 6A – This hybrid panel of comic juggernaut and TV show phenom will include the series creator (and hilarious person) Robert Kirkman as well as the artist of the comic Charlie Adard. Panel discussion followed by Q&A (no mention of AMC, although I’m sure the TV show will be discussed).

4:00PMWilfred: Screening and Q&AIndigo Ballroom (Hilton San Diego Bayfront) – Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, along with co-stars and executive producers will be screening the show and discussing how this (frankly odd) comedy came about. Including time for Q&A.

4:40PMCracking the Case with Sherlock Holmes and Watson: A Behind-the-scenes Look at CBS’s New Series ElementaryBallroom 20 – Join Jonny Lee Miller (hack the planet) and Lucy Liu (nothing witty to write here) as they along with executive producers of the new show Elementary, discuss the ins and outs of americas new take on Sherlock Holmes. As well as catching the premier of the first episode.

5:00PMArcher: Screening adn Q&AIndigo Ballroom (Hilton San Diego Bayfront) – Series creator Adam Reed and the cast will discuss the show and it’s upcoming events. Along with a sneak peek of the new season.

6:00PMNikita Q&A and exclusive video presentationRoom 6BCF – Cast and crew of the show will be discussing the upcoming season and showing some sort of sneak peek (even though they make it a point to say they will begin production on season 3 in a few days after comic-con).

6:00PMThe Science of Science Fiction: Cannon FodderRoom 25ABC – While not quite television, this includes panelists Jaime Paglia and Jane Espenson of Eureka and Battlestar Galactica fame. Along with other worthy panelists and moderator Phil Plaitt they will debunk and discuss the perils of writing science fiction for film and TV.

6:30PM Comedy Central: WorkaholicsRoom 24ABC – Join the cast and creators of this stoner comedy. They’ll talk about who knows what and possibly show up as the hilarious Wizards (a gangster rap group). There will also be a competition to get your name in a new episode.

Thursdays Picks

It’s hard to say exactly, because you may have different tastes than myself, buuuut your best bets are generally the ones with potential swag or comedy. Because otherwise you will wait in line to see a video that will be on youtube 10 minutes after you leave, so here’s what I think:

Hit the floor or check out some non-TV panels in the morning. Filmation is the only one on my maybe list, but Friday is jam packed so it may be good to hit the Exhibit hall on a slightly quieter Thursday. Then around noon get in line for room 6A and catch Teen Wolf at 2:20pm. Not because it’s good but because after that you will see Walking Dead and Kirkman is a hilarious fellow. After this head straight to the Hilton and check out the line for Archer. If there is even a remote chance in hell that you’ll get in then hang out and catch it. The panel is loaded with professional comedians and I guarantee it will entertain. If you get in then upon it ending head straight to room 25ABC and catch the Science Fiction panel. It is a great panel with what looks like an interesting talk…not in the mood for that? Then head next door to 24ABC and laugh your ass off at the stoners in Workaholics.


10:00AMCommunity: School is back in sessionBallroom 20 – The cast of Nerd Appropriates favorite TV show is back for some Q&A and discussion one what we can expect from the next season.

10:15AM Go Green! With the Lean, Mean, Ninja Team – Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesRoom 6BCF – Most of the cast and the Executive Producer of the show will be present to discuss this reboot of the much beloved franchise.

11:00AMAdult Swim: The Venture Bros Indigo Ballroom (Hilton) – The creators along with Dr. Venture himself, James Urbaniak will be taking questions and discussing why it takes so damn long for them to make 12 brilliant episodes every 5 years…or the show and it’s future.

11:15AMJoin the Revolution: Nickolodeon’s The Legend of KorraBallroom 20 – Cast and crew will discuss the new series based on the world of the Last Airbender. Panel will include a live table read.

11:30AMCult Pilot Screening and Q&ARoom 6BCF – This new drama on CW is weird to explain so I’ll let you click the link to see it, but the cast will be on hand to discuss this brand show and air its pilot for the first time ever.

11:45AMCartoon Network: Annoying OrangeRoom 6A – This youtube sensation cum Cartoon Network series will have the creators on hand to discuss all the places that a talking orange will be headed in the upcoming season.

12:00PMAdult Swim: NTSF: SD: SUV Indigo Ballroom (Hilton) – Catch creators and cast of this send up on the CSI’s of the world talk about season 2 and give you a sneak peak of what’s in store.

12:05PMThe Big Bang TheoryHall H – The cast will be on hand to discuss all of the things you love about this nerdy show. Not too many specifics, but you’ll probably get some video sneak peeks.

12:30PMFirefly 10 Year Anniversary Ballroom 20 – Yep, we’re old. Firefly is 10 years old and the cast and creator will be on hand to talk about the uprising of love for the show as well as giveaways from the science channel.

12:45pM666 Park Avenue Pilot Screening and Q&ARoom 6BCF – New show from Exec Producers of Chuck and Fringe starring Lost star Terry O’Quinn. Most of you aren’t even reading this part because you’ve already decided that’s all you need to hear one way or the other.

1:00PMAdult Swim: Childrens Hospital Indigo Ballroom (Hilton) – Cast and creators will be on hand to give you a sneak peek of the new season as well as probably make you laugh.

1:00PMCartoon Network: Regular Show Room 6A – It’s a kids show I know nothing about, but wanted to include in case you did. The creator will be on hand for songs, sneak previews and surprises.

1:25PMAMC’s The Walking DeadHall H – The TV show has a bigger room than the comic at Comic-Con…oh the irony. Anyways, the cast and creator will be here to give you a sneak peek of Season 3 as well as a lively (see what I did there) Q&A.

1:45PMBonesBallroom 20 – The cast and crew will be on hand to discuss the show and host a Q&A.

2:00PMAdult Swim: Aqua Something You Know Whatever/SquidbilliesIndigo Ballroom (Hilton) – Creators of the long running show will be there to show footage of the new season and talk about what’s in store.

2:15PMTron: UprisingRoom 6A – Elijah Wood along with the rest of the cast and crew will be on hand to show you a preview of this brand new series along with a Q&A.

2:45PMGame of Thrones Panel and Q&A – Some of the cast along with George R R Martin himself will be here to discuss the HBO series along with a Q&A.

3:00PMAdult Swim: Robot Chicken/Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Indigo Ballroom (Hilton) – Green and Seinrich will be there to discuss the upcoming Season 6 as well as give you the inside scoop (comic-con’s words not mine) on whatever the DC Comics Special is.

3:00PMArrow Screening and Q&ABallroom 20 – The cast and crew of this brand new CW take on the Green Arrow will give you an exclusive screening of the pilot along with a Q&A.

4:00PMAdult Swim: Black DynamiteIndigo Ballroom (Hilton) – Voice cast and creators will be on hand discussing this new animated series based on the 2009 film.

4:00PMBob’s BurgersRoom 25ABC – Executive Producers and voice cast (inluding H Jon Benjamin and Kristen Schaal) will be airing never before seen footage and doing a Q&A.

4:30PMFalling Skies: The Battle is just getting startedRoom 6BCF – The cast will be showing never before seen clips as well as having an indepth discussion and Q&A lead by Wil Wheaton.

5:45PMSpartacus: War of the DamnedRoom 6BCF – Cast will be on hand to show footage from the final season coming in 2013 as well as host some “surprise guests”.

6:00PMBrickleberryRoom 6A – Voice cast will be on hand to discuss this new show from exec producer Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0). Including a screening of the pilot.

7:00PMAnd then what happened? Serialized shows that ended too soonRoom 7AB – Writers/Producers from Dollhouse, Firefly, Middleman and FlashForward are here to talk about what could and should have been, had their shows not ended quite so early.

Friday Picks

I told you Friday was a doozie. Saturday isn’t much lighter. The way I see it, you have one of two choices, well three if you include throw your hands up in despair and cry in the corner. Camp out in Indigo Ballroom or camp out in Ballroom 20. Either way, you’ll be well entertained until about 4PM. At which point you can go freshen up at the hotel room, get some grub and stretch your legs. I suggest attempting to catch the And then what happened? panel at 7pm. It’s always the offbeat panels which catch you off guard. Personally, you will most likely find me in Ballroom 20 if I can make it in.


10:00AMWarehouse 13Ballroom 20 – The cast and crew of one of my surprise favorite shows will be here to talk about the new season and perhaps even a sneak peek.

10:30AMMarvel Television PresentsRoom 6BCF – Jeph Loeb will be here to talk about the new shows on Disney XD including Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

11:00AMOnce Upon A TimeBallroom 20 – The cast and creators will be discussing the upcoming season as well as taking a Q&A from the audience.

11:15AMCartoon Network: Adventure TimeRoom 6A – The voice cast will be doing live reads, singing and showing tons of exclusive clips.

12:00PMFuturamaBallroom 20 – Matt Groenig will be in the house along with the voice cast and crew of this once resurrected fan favorite. Wear a Futurama themed costume for a chance to win prizes.

12:30PMPhineas and FerbRoom 6A – The creators of the show will be here to talk about the upcoming season and show a sneak preview an “epic two-part cliffhanger episode ‘Where’s Perry?'” airing this summer.

12:45PMThe SimpsonsBallroom 20 – MOAR MATT GROENIG. This time talking about the upcoming 10000th season of the Simpsons. They will be airing lengthy portions of the new Treehouse of Horror.

1:00PMTV Guide Magazine: Fan FavoritesIndigo Ballroom (Hilton) – TV Guide assembles a panel of “fan favorites” including Nathan Fillion, Maggie Q and Joel McHale.

1:45PMFamily GuyBallroom 20 – Seth MacFarlane and basically the entire cast will be on hand to talk about the new season and show clips of some of the funnier parts.

2:00PMStar Wars: The Clone Wars: On to Season 5Room 6DE – Director and Writer of the series will talk about where to go after Season 4.

2:30PMAmerican DadBallroom 20 – Seth MacFarlane will stay on stage to talk with the cast about the upcoming season and show clips of the hilarity that will ensue.

3:00PMBeing HumanIndigo Ballroom (Hilton) – Stars and the producer of the SyFy hit will be on stage discussing what is coming up for the nearly human characters.

3:00PMGrimm Q&A/Season 2 PreviewRoom 6A – You’ll get a first glimpse at season 2 and take part in a Q&A with a large chunk of the cast and crew.

3:30PMThe Vampire Diaries Q&ABallroom 20 – A large chunk of the cast will be on hand for a “video screening” and Q&A with the fans.

4:00PMShowtimes: ShamelessIndigo Ballroom (Hilton) – The cast, including William H Macy, will be on stage discussing the show and the top five fan moments from the first 2 seasons.

4:00PMThe Following: Screening and Q&ARoom 6BCF – This midseason replacement for Fox is a drama staring Kevin Bacon. The cast will be on hand to air the pilot and do a Q&A.

4:30PMTrue Blood Panel and Q&ABallroom 20 – A panel only a fangbanger could love. The cast will be on hand to discuss the current season and take part in a Q&A.

5:15PMPerson of Interest: Screening and Q&ARoom 6BCF – Cast and Creators of this hit series will be doing a Q&A and talking about what’s coming up. As well as showing some sneak previews.

7:15PMMythbustersRoom 6BCF – Adam, Jamie, Tory, Grant and Kari will all be here to talk about the hijinks they embark on in then next season of Mythbusters.

Saturdays Picks

While slightly easier to navigate than Friday, not by much. I’m betting on another Ballroom 20 squat that will take us all the way through Family Guy. At which point you can swing over to the Grimm Q&A, take a break and close it off with some Mythbusters.


10:00AMFringe Screening and Q&AHall H – The cast and creators offer a farewell to Comic-Con with a Q&A and exclusive video presentation.

11:15AMSupernatural Screening and Q&AHall H – The cast returns to Hall H to talk about what’s in store for season 8. There is a special video presentation and Q&A planned.

11:30AMCartoon Voices IIRoom 6A – My surprise hit 2 years ago at SDCC, this time featuring voice actors from Garfield, Pinky and the Brain, Transformers, Spider-Man and more. Watch as they fly threw the voices that shaped your Saturday Mornings and share some stories.

12:30PMBBC America’s Doctor Who Hall H – Cast and crew will bring new footage to premier for the audience as well as discuss upcoming specials.

1:00PMDC Nation Screening and Q&ARoom 6BCF – Sneak peeks of Beware the Batman and Teen Titans GO! as well as discussions about current shows Green Lantern and Young Justice.

1:45PMThe Cleveland ShowHall H – Seth MacFarlane and cast will premier the Season 4 premier and discuss the show in general.

2:15PMIt’s Christmas In July: Spongebob SquarepantsRoom 6A – Voice cast and Creative Director will present a sneak peek at the upcoming Christmas Special as well as host a Q&A.

2:45PMSons of AnarchyHall H – Not much to list other than “getting an inside look” along with pretty much the entire cast.

3:30PMBuffy the Musical ‘Once More With Feeling’Room 6BCF – Whedon and crew will be airing the Buffy musical episode Once More With Feeling, Audience participation encouraged.

Sundays Picks

Well, unless you’re the type to camp out at Hall H for an entire day, (and evening before) then I suggest taking this one easy. If you get into Fringe, then awesome. Otherwise, catch the cartoon voices, Spongebob and Buffy to ensure a good time. Oh and the sales, Sunday is when the floor tries to clear out.

There you have it, a mostly exhaustive listing of all of the TV panels and goings on at Comic-Con. If I have it in me, I’ll try to get one up about movies and one about comics before the festivities begin on Wednesday. Remember, you literally cannot see everything, so do your best to see what you want to most and otherwise enjoy yourself. Nerd Christmas only comes around once a year.