Comic-Con 2011: Mass Effect March – Spectres Vs. Zombies

Bioware has an incredible presence across the street from the San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to a lot of hard work, the Hilton was professionally transformed into “The Bioware Base”. On top of demos, signings, costume contests and art shows, Saturday evening Bioware also played host to a special “Mass Effect March” followed by a top-secret game announcement. When I found all of this out, I think I had a nerd fit (there may have been literal twitching).  I mean, how often do you get to stomp around San Diego with hundreds of like-minded Mass Effect fans armed with an inflatable omni-blade? The march took place in the gas-lamp district and led to the announcement of a special Facebook contest that will finally give us an “official” female Commander Shepard. If you haven’t gotten the chance to vote, head on over to Facebook and engage in nerd-democracy. Last we checked the blond-shep was stomping the competition (sparking some controversy).

While wandering the streets and “marching against the Reapers” we happened to run into the folks participating in 2011 Comic-Con zombie walk. What happens when a few hundred zombies smash into a few hundred Spectres? Mass confusion and plenty of omni-blade stabbings. I have to say that there was something incredibly gratifying about shanking a fake-zombie in the chops with my fake omni-blade. Check out the video below.