Podcast Alert: Aisha Tyler Brings The Nerdy With ‘Girl On Guy’

Podcast Alert: Aisha Tyler Brings the Nerdy With ‘Girl on Guy’

You may know Aisha Tyler from Talk Soup, or perhaps her stand up comedy, but did you know Aisha is a big time nerd? The latest episode of her podcast “Girl on Guy” (careful when you Google that) feature’s Chuck’s Zachary Levi and contains just about as much nerdery as one of our OWN podcasts… and that’s really saying something.

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Pod People: Five Podcasts That Will Transform Your World

Pod People: five podcasts that will transform your world

I was desperate. My music selection was depressing me, and local talk radio was starting to sound like a Ford commercial. Considering that I spend about an hour of my day on average commuting, I went on the hunt for some podcasts last year that ended up making my driving experience much more enjoyable. Did I mention that these are all FREE to download?

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Roll A D6… Roll A D6!

Roll a D6… Roll a D6!

A few folks sent this video my way and I felt compelled to share it. I really love when people pay homage to the game that everyone is still a bit shy to admit they play. A bit of a confession…I’ve been playing DnD off and on since I was in middle school, and still think it’s the best game a person can play with a close group of friends….

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