Team Unicorn: Alien Beach Crashers – Bringing The Fun

Like the Sudan, the internet can be a cruel and terrible place. Team Unicorn does their best to sprinkle a bit of unicorn magic on the internet to make the world a better, and nerdier, place.  This time around Team Unicorn brings us a fun/fake trailer for the movie Alien Beach Crashers. Directed by Sean Becker (The Guild) and starring Team Unicorn with Chuck’s Zachary Levi, Alien Beach Crashers is a modern take on the beach-party films of old… only with more explosions and body chunks.  Take a look at their latest video and support our fellow creative nerds!  Oh yeah, if you’re curious about Team Unicorn, we ran ran an interview with them earlier this year that will get you all caught up.  Simply click HERE to educate yourself!