E3 2011: The Best New Games – ME 3, Tomb Raider, And Skyrim – Find Out Why!

E3 2011: The Best New Games – ME 3, Tomb Raider, and Skyrim – find out why!

I have to hand it to all of the journalists out in L.A. who are probably passed out due to their hard work covering the E3 convention.  How they can enjoy the convention, sneak back up to the press room, write an article, and still find time to actually play some games is a total mystery. I’m exhausted just watching the convention at home on all of my devices. It really is a whole lot of gaming news to take in.

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Gearbox Brings Back Brothers In Arms – The Internet Is Pissed!

Gearbox brings back Brothers In Arms – The internet is pissed!

….While the game looks like a lot of fun, fans of the series are up in arms about the game’s shift in tone and characters. I for one welcome the change. A few years ago journalists tricked developers into thinking that gamers didn’t want to play WW2 games anymore, when in fact they were still selling quite well.  Now, we get gritty/realistic “modern” shooters set in fictitious versions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the new goto war-zone New York City (golf clap).

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Mass Effect 3: Picking Apart The N7 Collector’s Edition.

Mass Effect 3: Picking apart the N7 Collector’s Edition.

Mass Effect 3 had a major showing at day 1 of the E3 convention. We’re going to comb through it all as the day progresses, but we figured we’d start with the Mass Effect 3 N7 edition contents. I’m going to be honest with you, if this edition cost $400.00 and had life sized statue of Yeoman Chambers I’d probably find some way of buying it. From what we know now, the N7 edition looks very promising, although I rarely read an art book more than once. Have a look!

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