Gearbox brings back Brothers In Arms – The internet is pissed!

Not the same Brothers In Arms we're used to

The Brother in Arms franchise is set to return in Furious Four from Gearbox Software(developers of the original Brothers in Arms).  I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of the Brothers in Arms series, and am quite excited to return to the era of World War 2 for some Axis killing action. Here is where things get tricky. While the premise of the game looks like a lot of fun (we’ve only seen a cinematic and no game-play), fans of the series are up in arms about the game’s shift in tone and characters. I for one welcome the change. A few years ago journalists tricked developers into thinking that gamers didn’t want to play WW2 games anymore. The reality of the matter is that they were still selling quite well.  Now, we get gritty/realistic “modern” shooters set in fictitious versions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the new goto war-zone, New York City (golf clap).  There was a reason WHY World War 2 games were so incredibly popular; it was one of the few times in history where there was more or less definitive good, and definitive evil.  The Nazis of the 3rd Reich were hell bent on creating a new world order and eliminating anyone that dared to stand in their way.  Killing Nazis was fun.  Check out this trailer for Brothers in Arms: Furious Four, followed by some comments I’ve pulled off various web pages around the interwebs. Fanboys can be so brutal.

“Just take this shit and go back? home Gearbox.”

” yeah this shit looks like some? bullshit TF game. wtf happend to the more serious down to earth realistic BIA. I feel like i got shitted on =(“


“Booooooo!!! bad move, if they wanted to make something like bulletstorm (for the kill with fun) they should have called this? game differently not Brothers in Arms!!! they have destroyed my dreams of seeing another crushing story not this shit.”

Oh internet, you’re like a hornets nest of anger.

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  1. helloscientist

    Borderlands WWII? Not sure how I feel about this, but it has to be better than Duke Nukem Forever…..Yes I said that.

  2. Ash

    I think this looks amazing. But according to the buzz, I may be in the minority.

  3. helloscientist

    The only problem for is the character design….None of them really seem like a character I want to play. That being said, I’ve never played a Brother’s In Arms game…

    1. Ash

      I want my scalps!

      1. helloscientist

        Is business a-boomin?

  4. Dibol

    Is Gearbox serious? They’re going to make some cheap Borderlands/Team Fortress knock-off? Uh, what was the fucking point of the ending in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway if they’re not going to continue Baker’s story?

  5. Ash

    Dibol – I was a big fan of Hell’s Highway as well.. From what I’ve been reading they couldn’t decide what to do with Baker’s story, so they made this game instead. They do have the intention of going back to Baker’s story at a later date though!

  6. fugearbox

    I am boycotting this crap

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