PAX Prime 2012: Hands On Borderlands 2 – We WUB WUB It!

PAX Prime 2012: Hands on Borderlands 2 – We WUB WUB It!

Unlike PAX: East where only Maya and Salvador were playable, all four character classes were available to choose from at Prime, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on Zero the ninja. Given about 30 skill points to allocate, I ended up dumping almost all of my points into close combat as I was eager to see how this ninja thing really worked.

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Duke Nukem Forever: Good, Bad, I’m The Guy With The Review

Duke Nukem Forever: Good, bad, I’m the guy with the review

What is it about Duke Nukem that makes him so special? Simple answer, Duke hasn’t changed. While Duke’s legacy of delays and closed studios has no doubt eclipsed the content of the game itself ( there is even an interactive game release timeline on the disc) Duke Nukem is the same asshole that he’s always been, and people like that. Following Scott’s lead I stopped by the nearest Red Box and payed two dollars to take Duke Nukem home with me for the evening. I had a feeling Duke would be a shitty date, but I decided to take him home with me anyway.

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Gearbox Brings Back Brothers In Arms – The Internet Is Pissed!

Gearbox brings back Brothers In Arms – The internet is pissed!

….While the game looks like a lot of fun, fans of the series are up in arms about the game’s shift in tone and characters. I for one welcome the change. A few years ago journalists tricked developers into thinking that gamers didn’t want to play WW2 games anymore, when in fact they were still selling quite well.  Now, we get gritty/realistic “modern” shooters set in fictitious versions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the new goto war-zone New York City (golf clap).

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