Meow: Anne Hathaway Announced As Catwoman.

Meow: Anne Hathaway announced as Catwoman.

Just got wind that Anne Hathaway has indeed signed on as Catwoman. You may know Ms. Hathaway from films such as Alice in Wonderland and Get Smart. In all seriousness I think myself and the gents that run NA are pleased with this decision. We know Anne can pull off an action scene.. and we’ve already seen her in a black leather jump suit, so… what else is left to talk about?

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Rated NA Episode #6: Ladies In The House.

Rated NA Episode #6: Ladies in the House.

We have guests! Our good friends Amy and Haley stop by to talk girls in gaming and nerdery in general. We have news about a leaked Blizzard release schedule, Microsoft possibly bringing TV to your Xbox, and Heath Ledger making an appearance in the next Batman movie. We review Assassin Creed Brotherhoods multiplayer and the Guild Trade Paperback. Plus we eat pizza and live-cast on our new streaming channel. More of that to come. Oh, also, we finally use the mic that has been sitting in our living room for the past 5 episodes….only the best for the ladies!

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He Is The Night And Now He Has Friends

He is the night and now he has friends

I have been a fan of Batman for an extremely long time. I vividly remember going to the comic shop where I grew up and purchasing Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was mind blowing, Batman was locked up in order to catch the killer Zsasz. They stage a cop’s murder and blame Batman, declaring him insane to land him in Arkham. What unfolds is an awesome detective story mixed with complete insanity. I was 14, maybe 15. I was officially in love with Batman.

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