Phoenix Jones

Seattle based real “super hero” Phoenix Jones hurt in the line of duty.

He's either a real hero or a crazy hobo that robbed a costume shop.

Possibly inspired by “Kick Ass”, Seattle based super hero Pheonix Jones was kicked in the face over the weekend while being held at gun point. Unlike the actual “Phoenix”, something tells me Jones would not be getting back up if he caught a bullet to the cranium.

On another note, I used to fantasize about becoming a super hero like Batman, but never had the coordination to pull it off. I got about as far as sketching my costume on a Wendy’s napkin. I have to give Phoenix some credit for trying. He’s either a real hero or a crazy hobo that robbed a costume shop.


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  1. Ryan

    These guys are delusional. That’s why they wear costumes. Also, one should not have to hold on to items on their utility belt while running.

  2. Beast_Mode

    I can’t wait until the bad guys find out his secret identity… shenanigans. Oh wait, this is real life…

  3. Pilx

    I feel like the really big problem with this stuff is super villains.

    If everyone starts going crazy and cruising the streets taking out the bad guys, eventually some crazy thug is going to fashion a suit of his own. Then we’ll have people walking around in an electric suit shooting lightning bolts at people.

    I guess thats kind of cool actually. Carry on.

    1. Ash

      I actually was daydreaming on the way home how amazing it would be to make a documentary about the Seattle super hero scene. The big hook would be that we create a super villain that does all sorts nefarious deeds to Phoenix and his crew. I really hope this catches on…

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