Rated NA 50: Now With More Slide Whistle

Rated NA 50: Now with more slide whistle

On this special milestone podcast, we talk about what NA and your support mean to us. We discuss Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Hero Academy, SSX, Gotham City Impostors, and Matt’s Oscar move roundup and comic book picks. Finally, past interviewee’s and NA alum join in on our conversation about how today’s media will be viewed in 100 years. This podcast features music from chiptune artist, Leeni (leeni.bandcamp.com), as well as music from The Glitch Mob. Yesssss!

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Rated NA 41: Veritable Cornucopia

Rated NA 41: Veritable cornucopia

Reviews are a-plenty! Mass Effect comic, The Thing, another Spider-Man game, Grimm, Dance Central 2, Batman: Arkham City (hint: it’s good) and more. We bring the news, and your responses to our twitter question about comic book video games. Special thanks to Mark Dago for a track from “Kill Screen”. A true feast for your nerdy appetite!

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