Harley Quinns Revenge

Harley Quinn’s Revenge: Holy Great DLC Batman!

Like most gamers who enjoyed playing thru Batman: Arkham City, after beating the game, I put the disc aside and moved on to the next gaming experience.  However, once I learned of Rocksteady’s newest DLC, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, I knew I’d be suiting up again for a return trip to Gotham City. After playing through the story, so should you!

Harley Quinn has always been a fan favorite and was actually exclusively created for Batman: The Animated Series

The Tale Continues: A forewarning: if you haven’t beaten the main campaign of Arkham City, do not play this DLC until you do so.

The DLC begins with Robin being sent into Arkham City to locate Batman, who went missing after the events of the main game.  As Batman, you are called into Arkham City by Commissioner Gordon after Harley Quinn kidnaps a few G.C.P.D. cops. Your main goal is to rescue them from a grieving Harley. Much like Arkham City’s main campaign, much of your time is spent beating up Harley’s thugs and interrogating them for answers as to where Batman could be.
The game switches perspectives between both Batman and Robin at various points in the narrative.

Can Robin ever be cool? Yep

The Boy Wonder: Robin feels and moves just like Batman does in the field, and even comes equipped with some of the same gadgets at the Bat (detective vision and smoke pellets, for example). Of course, Robin makes his own mark in the game by way of his bo staff (which opens up full circle as a bullet shield) and shurikens (replacing Batman’s batarangs). This is a very good thing.  The way Rocksteady handled Robin, I can completely see them making a separate game for the “boy wonder”, or at least a Teen Titians cameo in a group game. As I beat down thug after thug, it felt like I was controlling the Dark Knight and not the Boy Wonder.  As for Batman, well Batman never changes. You venture into this DLC with all your earned gear ready to go. While this isn’t a bad thing, it just made me want to play as Robin more. I mean, what else can you do to make the Bat any better than he already is in this game?

Nerd Appropriate: The story, game play, and voice acting are all top notch.

Not Nerd Appropriate: The length (I beat it in a little over an hour).  Batman’s questionable behavior also isn’t addressed by the end of the DLC.  So many questions!

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  1. Scott

    Aw muh, this game is on my summer game pile, I think with all this DLC for this game I’ll have to make this game the next one I play

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