Rated NA 50: Now with more slide whistle

On this special milestone podcast, we talk about what NA and your support mean to us. We discuss Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Hero Academy, SSX, Gotham City Impostors, and Matt’s Oscar move roundup and comic book picks. Finally, past interviewee’s and NA alum join in on our conversation about how today’s media will be viewed in 100 years. This podcast features music from chiptune artist, Leeni (, as well as music from The Glitch Mob. Yesssss!

Rated NA 50


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast. I like good and bad sci-fi films/tv, synthesizers, and the retrofuture. I am primarily an Xbox gamer, but also do some PC and Switch gaming as well. By day, I am a research scientist, mostly in topics related to human-computer interaction and user experience. Before all of this, fellow NA co-founder Matt and I played music together in various bands. I also used to make "comedy" videos for my high school morning news program before there was a place to post them online. Favorite Star Wars character? Admiral Ackbar. Best Bond era? Timothy Dalton (Craig a close second). Top 3 games? Let's go with System Shock 2, A Link to the Past, and Super Castlevania IV. Thanks for being a part of this labor of nerdy love with us.

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  1. Micah G

    Great podcast! I am a curmudgeon about “art” topics, but I enjoyed this discussion a lot. Also, in my quick twitter checks I didnt read the twitter question encompassed more than games (my typical single-minded self). I also suppose I will have to watch The Artist. Grumble grumble…

  2. matt

    I mean it stood out in a crowd of “eh” movies this year as the best. If you want a really fun movie I’d say Hugo, but if you are in for a gorgeously shot, supremely acted movie, then The Artist hands down.

  3. Micah G

    By the way, thank you Matt for pointing out that I listen to the podcasts… Ash is embarrassed of me because I play Minecraft.

    1. Ash

      haha! I know you’re in for the long haul.

  4. Cohen

    Great podcast guys….and yes I’m still listening.

    1. Ash

      Thank you Mike! I really really appreciate it.. Why haven’t you been on the podcast yet?!

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