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Rated NA Episode #6: Ladies in the House.

We have guests! Our good friends Amy and Haley stop by to talk girls in gaming and nerdery in general. We have news about a leaked Blizzard release schedule, Microsoft possibly bringing TV to your Xbox, and Heath Ledger making an appearance in the next Batman movie. We review Assassin Creed Brotherhoods multiplayer and the Guild Trade Paperback. Plus we eat pizza and live-cast on our new streaming channel. More of that to come. Oh, also, we finally use the mic that has been sitting in our living room for the past 5 episodes….only the best for the ladies!

rated NA Episode 6

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  1. haleyxvader

    It’s funny that we talked about digital actors – didn’t Lucas just buy the rights to a bunch of dead actors.

    1. matt

      Yeah, that just came out a day or so ago. Kind of freaky. He’s apparently been buying up rights for a little while. We may see Gene Kelly singing in the snow on Hoth soon.

  2. CAS

    Enjoyed the podcast! As a girl gamer, the topic of girls and gaming is near and dear to my heart.

    I’ve run into stereotypes before when I’ve purchased games in stores. For instance, I bought GTAIV when it first came out and the guy getting it out of the display case for me asked, “For your boyfriend?” And after I told him no, he was like, “Oh, for your kids?” For me dude! For me!

    1. Ash

      Thanks for listening CAS. We had a lot of fun recording this one. Your story is so true. I’ve seen it happen many times firsthand.

    2. matt

      Yeah, I think that kind of sentiment is what keeps more girls from playing. It’s this boys only club mentality that is just dumb. We’ll be planning some more girls in nerdery type podcasts and segments, and I’m working on part 2 fo the comic primer right now.

  3. Micah G

    I thought the reason girls didn’t play video games is because they don’t have opposable thumbs?

    1. matt

      it’s amazing you’ve made it this far through med school.

      1. Micah G

        I think our curriculum of back-to-back episodes of House, M.D. and Scrubs has prepared me well actually.

        1. matt

          I would say you’re totally JD, but I picture you more as Dr. Cox. I’ll be the janitor.

    2. haleyxvader

      In reality it’s just because our brains are half the size of yours, it’s science.

      1. Micah G

        Harsh realities…

        However, keep it secret that it is really quality over quantity.

  4. Madson

    Did you guys shoot video on this one? I thought that Matt mentioned something about “For those of you watching from home…”

  5. Scott

    We were live streaming podcast video, but not recording.

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