Rated NA Episode #7: Ash has a seizure

Today we talk Google and their many announcements, Candace Bailey on AOTS, Dead Space 2, and George Lucas buying dead people. We review the deck building, table top Resident Evil game, and give our previews for the Spike VGAs, then if you stick around, it’s EMBARRASSING STORY TIME with Ash. Which is actually not when he has the seizure, that’s much earlier during the news. Thanks for listening! Also, for those that notice/care, the music bumpers have been significantly shortened, but no Micah, it’s not because I care what you think, Pilx wins the vote on this one, thanks buddy.

rated NA Episode #7: Ash has a seizure

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  1. Micah G

    Haha, although I make all my decisions based on the negative inverse of your opinions… I do really like the music! However, you guys need a video of like a Derek being oiled down during it, or one of those old weird trippy windows media player graphics flashing about to give my ADHD eyes something to look at. Don’t blame me, blame mental illness.

    1. matt

      Haha. I just didn’t want you to feel more superior then you already are. Now stop reading this and go commit yourself to some UO.

      1. Micah G

        I am simply a singing a salarian scientist.

        1. Micah G

          …and I a add a’s a randomly a in a sentences.

  2. matt

    bonus points to all those that tuned into the livestream, I had to cut a segment out tonight…it will never be heard again.

  3. Ash

    For the record I don’t even recall having a beverage with ice. I think I actually may have just been grinding my teeth or chewing on the bones of an animal.

    1. matt

      Hey Mr defensive…no one mentioned ice on the website. Anyways, Sherlock is on it.

  4. Pilx

    Matt, I think the shortened intro works…the bumpers could be longer. I wouldn’t worry so much once you are in the show but for me it was the intro that just felt long.

    Ash I’m in the market for a new PC as well, getting one this weekend I think. Check out the Dell XPS 8100 at Best Buy. It has a i7 processor, 8gb RAM, 1.5TB HD, ATI video Card, its a nice machine for about a grand (no monitor). That will run anything you can throw at it, at the moment. You could step down to an i5 and save $300 but might as well go for the beast. My only problem with it is the sound card is no good for recording, so I’ll have to swap that out at some point.

    1. matt

      they felt a little short, but I figured I was overthinking it. Going to keep tinkering, plus you are more then welcome to submit a song if you’d like.

      I’d forgo an internal sound card, let that one handle your crappy speaker outs and pick up an m-audio interface with the octane preamps, something like the pro-fire 2626 or the fastrack ultra 8×8 (firewire vs usb).

      I’ve had the firewire 410 for 4 or 5 years now, it still works well and is portable which is awesome. Or you can step it up and get one of the digidesign products. Depends on what you want to record with (pro-tools or not).

      1. Pilx

        I actually have the M-Audio Firewire solo which I use with my laptop for iSO shows. And I guess I could totally just use that with my desktop. Good idea! Can you piggyback an internal with the external and use both at once?

        1. Micah G

          Any opinions on ww.cyberpowerpc.com?

          1. Pilx

            Looks good to me…I’d be tempted to buy one from there except for me, Best Buy is a must as I have lots of gift cards and my best buy credit card with 18 months no interest.

            But the cyberpowerpc has great looking specs for the money…although I wonder what is better:
            Dell – 8gb of dual channel RAM
            Cyberpower – 6gb of triple channel RAM

          2. Micah G

            That’s one of those things I can never figure out… I always get frustrated and just quit. You hate to pay a premium for a new tech which doesnt really compensate much for less memory.

  5. Joe

    Great review guys! ASCENSION was the game I mentioned, which is a much faster, fantasy version of Resident Evil. I actually think you guys may like it better (except Ash) due to the amount of player interactions that can occur…

    I’ll be purchasing it for Xmas, so I’ll bring it next time…

    1. Ash

      Thanks Joe! In reality I don’t hate munchkin as much as these guys think. We just had a few games that lasted for what seemed to be days. Our ladies also tend to be ruthless and unforgiving while playing. Like mantis women.

  6. Beast_Mode

    You guys should review more TV. And keep Ash off the Warcrack.

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