Rated NA Episode #8: Ash sneaks it in at the end

So today we talk about Mass Effect 3 pre-ordering, Mass Effect 2 soundtracks, our favorite podcasts, Comic-con registration (or lack there of), and the year end Best of lists. We review two Tron games, post mortem the VGA game trailers in open thread, and we top it off with our top 5’s for the year and shamed 3’s. Plus, Ash manages to sneak it in at the end. Have a happy holiday, sorry for the delay on this going up.

rated NA Episode #8

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  1. matt

    There is a weird drop in the audio when I’m talking about iFanboy, not sure what happened, but the only thing you miss is that one of the books is Power Girl.

  2. Pilx

    Ha…PNS explosion. (It is a real podcast btw)

  3. Ash

    I can’t wait to sneak in the info you gave me today Pilx… Wait for the gasps in Rated NA #9

  4. Ryan

    Return of the Living Dead FTW

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