Rated Na Ep9

Rated NA Episode 9: Matt Forgets the Mic

Well it’s not all silent or anything, but we are using the laptop mic again, so I apologize for the quality (it was a rough week). SO this is about a week or so late, but we are catching up as quickly as possibly, so let this episode transport you back to day when christmas was on the horizon and we were all hoping for little nerdling gifts under the tree, or for our Jewish friends, slightly lesser gifts, but in larger quantities spread out over many evenings….I’m getting off topic.

Tonight we spoke of Family Guy and Robot Chicken Star Wars Specials, Bulletstorm buying requirements, Bulletstorm crappy advertising, we reviewed Perfect Couples, Doritos Crash Course, and BF2BC Vietnam expansions, as well as previewed the mythical cr-48 Chrome laptop. Be sure to keep up with the penis count (2.5) here we go!

rated NA Episode 9 (edited): Matt Forgets the Mic

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  1. Ash

    Is it odd that I find her pissed off face hilarious? – I miss her being cranky on AOTS.

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