Rated NA 137: Jazzpunk


Luis Hernandez form Necrophone Games stops by to talk about their soon-to-be released, JazzPunk, a game that cannot be fully described in words. Naturally, we spend some time with Luis describing the game in words, as well as talking about comedy, games, music and analog instruments. Finally, we talk about your most bizzare and unique games or film in our NAQOTW. Hot dawg!

Rated NA 136


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  1. Fluidfyre

    Ahhh this was such an amazing interview, so nostalgic for me! And really explains why Jazzpunk is so awesome! Man, sketch comedy and surreal comedy was my childhood — and talking about Mad magazines and the fold-ins at the back haha. Thanks so much for this, it was great to hear. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jazzpunk, just hilarious. Great to hear about the music — it helped make the game, honestly. It’s sets the tone and creates such great atmosphere.

    AND WOO Canadian games!

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