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Rated NA 207: E3 for You and Me

Scott, Ash and Matt check in this week to see how Ash’s adventures went at E3. We take a look at all of the news and happenings at the event. Everything including Gears of War 4, Halo 5, FFVII, Dishonored 2, and so so much more. Ash and Matt talk about their opening thoughts on Batman Arkham Knight, spoiler alert, they love it. And last up we ask you what you thought of E3! Thanks to Loot Crate for sponsoring the show!

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  1. Dibol

    I know it’s a few months late, but here is my thought on Backwards-compatibility: Like the 360’s BC for original X-Box games, I am left with the impression that it’s going to remain half-assed regardless of the effort given. PS2 played every single PS1 game properly in the previous generation, and yet on the 360, only two or three games are working properly without performance issues. Can’t play KOTOR on 360 without any technical problems. Hopes aren’t too high.

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